Preschool Program

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Preschool Classroom

Our three year old curriculum focuses on the social and emotional aspects of a child's development, academic readiness, communication development, and fine motor. The goal is to have each child ready for a successful transition into our Pre-k program. This is through games, art, songs, finger play, children's literature, and Creative Movements. Our integrated, creative curriculum is an introduction to the learning process and a wonderful way to begin a lifelong love of learning.

Pre-K Classroom

Our Pre-K curriculum is an integrated, creative curriculum with a different themes each week. WIth our creative curriculum, we try to integrate math, science, language arts, social studies, social-emotional, and fine motor into one activity. Spanish and SIgn Language vocabulary are taught within the theme and we also introduce sight words. A mix of Dolch and Fry words are taught so that the child has a base due to the fact that different teacher and schools with either or.  We also work on a weekly letter to cover its phonetic sound and reproduction (writing). To cover physical movement, we have Creative Movements as well as other gross motor activities. Parents receive a portfolio at the end of the year and they will be able to observe their child's progress from beginning (August) to end (May). You will see repetitive work, for example, writing numbers, which will show the progress and how the child has mastered certain skills.

Georgia Pre-K

Georgia's Pre-K Program is a lottery funded educational program for Georgia's four year olds to prepare children for Kindergarten. Children four years of age on September 1 of the current school year who are Georgia residents are eligible to attend Georgia's Pre-K Program during this school year. Georgia’s Pre-K Program is voluntary for families and for providers. Read More>>