Why imaginative pretend play is important in child development

You must have seen your child playing with a box instead of the toy that came in it. For us, that just a big box, but for the child, it could be a car, a spaceship, or a war bunker, depending on his imagination. This is called Imaginative Pretend play, and it’s not just a kid playing with a box thinking of it as something. This process is more complex and important than most people understand. Children are more creative

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When to keep your child home from daycare

It’s not easy to recognize that when your child is too sick to go to the daycare. Parents all around the world go through this, especially when the child is too young since most of the parents don’t belong to a medical profession, it’s hard to tell whether it was just a normal sneeze or an indication of flu.  If the kid is already suffering from the flu, then it’s a simple decision that e/she doesn’t need to go the

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Things to look for when visiting a child development center

Parents live a pretty hectic life nowadays. Many have to maintain their work and home life together and take care of their young children. But, since they can’t be at home all the time, many parents look for a reliable daycare or child development center where the kid can stay in a healthy environment. However, finding a dependable daycare or child development center is not easy. We’ve all heard terrible news on the media, and no one wants to send

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Importance of developing and maintaining a daily routine for toddlers

Children don’t like changes in their daily routine, they feel insecure, and the change frightens them. Children, especially those that are very young, feel safer in a predictable life.  Young children and toddlers don’t understand how time works or keep track of their lives and routines. They order their lives by the things that happen. Toddlers and young children feel more secure when the same events occur in the same way every day. The same routine makes young children more

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How to make daycare drop off easier for anxious kids

When it comes to starting going to preschool or Daycare, mostly children act in various ways. Some kids who are naturally more confident and love going out embrace it for the first or second day; however, some kids, who are shy and introverted, can be anxious. The fear of leaving parents is called separation anxiety, which can result in anxiousness. Although separation anxiety is a very common thing in children, according to many experts, this occurs more in the younger

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Exploring healthy risks and how they support your child’s development

It can be easily accepted that almost all parents try their best to prevent their kids’ children from injury as it is understandable. However, new research shows that putting too many restrictions on the child’s freedom holds back his ability to develop.  One of the most tricky and challenging parts of parenting is to draw a perfect line between giving too much independence and setting too many restrictions on the child. The traditional culture of almost all around the world

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