When to keep your child home from daycare

It’s not easy to recognize that when your child is too sick to go to the daycare. Parents all around the world go through this, especially when the child is too young since most of the parents don’t belong to a medical profession, it’s hard to tell whether it was

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How to make daycare drop off easier for anxious kids

When it comes to starting going to preschool or Daycare, mostly children act in various ways. Some kids who are naturally more confident and love going out embrace it for the first or second day; however, some kids, who are shy and introverted, can be anxious. The fear of leaving

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10 fun ways to keep kids busy without screen time

Smartphones and tablets have become such an essential part of our daily lives that even our kids use them when we don’t find any other to keep them busy. Handing them gadgets seems the easiest way out whenever we need some time for ourselves, and even though it doesn’t seem

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How we strive to keep kids healthy during cold and flu season

Children catch the flu very quickly whenever the flu season strikes, and its reason is that the immune systems are not strong enough yet.Children play in close groups and still don’t know everything about HygieneHygiene. And since children don’t have much awareness about spreading the flu, they are usually the

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Tips on Making Daycare Drop-off Easier

Is your kid about to go to daycare for the first time? You already know it’s going to be emotional every day because your kid has never experienced the outer world without you. It’s not something uncommon; in fact, it’s a pretty common thing around the world that almost all

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