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General Questions

At Laugh and Learn, we do understand that working families with children need our help now more than ever. For this very reason, we warmly welcome all children who were not exposed and have no symptoms, which is allowed by the health department. Our teachers and staff members take all necessary precautions to ensure your child’s safety from the very moment they enter our center.

We always follow the latest updates from the CDC as well as state and local health departments to ensure our child development center meets all safety requirements.

Yes, there is a chance that at some point we might close a classroom or the whole center. Together with our medical advisors, we have devised an action plan to be taken in order to provide a safe and secure environment for your child. In case one or more children from one Pod are presumed positive or tested positive, we will close the Pod for a period of 72 hours to 14 days. If a child or teacher was from more than one Pod, we will have to close the entire center for 14 days.
If we have to close our center because of a confirmed coronavirus case, we will let you know about the closure via email. Also, we will keep our clients updated through our website, but shorter closures of 48-72 hours might not be displayed due to constantly changing circumstances.
Yes. We know that many parents are back to work now, and we are here to support them. Therefore, we always welcome new children in our day care groups.
As the situation is highly unstable, we cannot define the likelihood of our center closure in the nearest time. Please follow the latest updates from the CDC as well as our website news to stay informed about the current regulations.
If our child development center is closed for 72 hours or less, tuition fees will not be suspended. We will not charge you tuition fees in case the whole Pod or center is closed for 14 days, or there occurs a family-specific isolation. However, in the latter case your child’s spot will not be held if we suspend the tuition.

Keeping your child and our staff safe

Yes. All children aged 5 and up are required to wear a mask from the moment they enter the day care center building. As the virus is mainly airborne, it is crucial that both children and staff wear a protective mask to ensure everyone’s safety.
Please read all information regarding the impact coronavirus has on children on the CDC’s website.
All of our teachers and staff members are required to wear face masks. When working with babies, teachers might use a face shield instead when face expressions are crucial for a better communication and teaching process. A combination of a face mask and face shield can be used by teachers when social distance is hard to maintain. In case close contact cannot be avoided, our teachers also wear smocks for extra security.
In this case we will follow our exclusion for illness policy. We will ask the child or teacher showing symptoms to leave the center, return home and consult a doctor in order to determine our further actions.
Absolutely. To limit exposure of children from different classrooms, we have introduced a special Pod structure that allows children to stay separated from each other.
We are committed to keeping our day care center perfectly clean at all times. Also, our teachers and staff practice thorough handwashing, and always keep social distance. We follow the CDC’s recommendations to determine when a deep clean is needed.

Supporting our staff and teachers

There is nothing more important for us than the safety and health of our teachers, staff, children and families we serve. We always make sure that our teachers and staff members have all equipment and materials they need to ensure their safety. Also, we support the decisions of our teachers, and recommend them to stay home if they or their family member feels unwell.
We will first talk the situation through with the teacher or staff member who was exposed to a confirmed case. As we act in accordance with the CDC guidance, we would ask them to stay at home for a minimal period of 14 days. They can return to our day care center if they haven’t showed any symptoms all throughout their isolation. In case they experienced symptoms, it will be necessary to notify us, and get medical clearance before coming back to work.

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