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How to make daycare drop off easier for anxious kids

When it comes to starting going to preschool or Daycare, mostly children act in various ways. Some kids who are naturally more confident and love going out embrace it for the first or second day; however, some kids, who are shy and introverted, can be anxious.

The fear of leaving parents is called separation anxiety, which can result in anxiousness. Although separation anxiety is a very common thing in children, according to many experts, this occurs more in the younger children aging from 14-18 months old.

The separation is often very emotional and heartbreaking for the anxious little one and also for parents. If your kid feels anxious when you drop them at Daycare, try these tips that can ease the process.

Start by explaining what happens in the Daycare:

Everyone gets nervous while going to a place they’ve never been before, and since kids are more attached to their parents, they feel terrified. Before dropping them off at the gate, start preparing them mentally a few days earlier. Tell them how they’ll have playtime, reading time, and the new kids they’ll meet and how you’ll come back to pick them up daily.

Go in the Daycare or preschool with them:

Instead of just dropping them off at the gate, take some time to in with the kids. You can go to their classroom or meet with the teacher in front of them. It will show the kid that you haven’t forget about him/her, and you are still around.

Show empathy and assure them that they’ll be back:

Whether your kid is crying, misbehaving, or getting upset, you must understand their feelings and accept their behavior with love and empathy. Instead of screaming back at the child, hug them, and tell them you know their emotions. You can also say to the kid that you also used to feel anxious when you were their age. Promise them you’ll come back to take them home and make sure to stick to your promise.

Try goodbye ritual:

Try to make the see off a fun part of the when you say something funny or do something that makes the child laugh. You can tell a joke, act a little goofy, or you can always something like “See you soon, Son/daughter” or “I’ll pick you at 2’oclock champ/princess”.

Give them something from their own belongings:

It’s an excellent technique to make the drop-off very easy. You can allow them to take their doll or blankie with them to the Daycare. It can be their favorite coloring book or a drinking cup filled with his/her chosen drink. You can also give them something that belongs to you like a bracelet, handkerchief, or a scarf that will make them feel that you are still around. Bringing something from home is an excellent way of dealing with separation anxiety.

Make an after daycare plan:

While driving the kids to the Daycare, you can mention what you’re going to do when they come back from Daycare. Especially in the early days of the Daycare, try doing things that the kid loves, like going to the park, or grandma’s home, or going for ice cream. This will help the kid think beyond the time he/she will spend in the Daycare.