Toddler Program


One's Classroom

In the One's classroom we focus  on four basic fundemental areas necessary for supporting the One's development: relationships, movements, language and senses.A variety of activities involving gross motor skills are promoted at this stage. Crawling under tunnels, walking around the classroom, dancing, and singing in our circle time are the most important parts of our schedule. The gross motor skills will give your child the balance and coordination necessary to become a confident and independent toddler. The teachers promote developmental growth of communication, the formation of vocabulary, and the increasing awareness of speech.

Two's Classroom

Our Two's classrooms offer variety of experiences to enhance the child's positive self image, sense of independence, and ability to interact in a group, which helps further each child's cognitive growth and intellectual curiosity. At this stage they develop an awareness of the world around them while we encourage the development of each child's creativite capabilities. These goals are reached through emotional, social,cognitive and physical activities. Children learn through exploration, discovery, and play, progressing from solitary and parallel play to cooperative play. Children are exposed to basic Spanish and Sign Language vocabulary along with Creative Moments.