Tips on Making Daycare Drop-off Easier

Is your kid about to go to daycare for the first time? You already know it’s going to be emotional every day because your kid has never experienced the outer world without you.

It’s not something uncommon; in fact, it’s a pretty common thing around the world that almost all the parents have to go through. When your kid starts going to daycare or preschool, they often act anxious and uneasy, they weep and make it hard to say goodbye.

For mothers, it’s also a heartbreaking moment; they have to go to their job, but the sad and emotional goodbye with their kid gives them anxiety and makes them worry all day at work.

To make the Drop Off in the daycare or preschools easy, Parents can follow these tips.

Try a before-school visit:

Kids cry going to daycares because they feel frightened, going to a new place alone. To tackle this issue, parents can go to the daycare with their kid, and instead of dropping them on the gate, parents can go inside to the classroom and even meet the teachers in front of the kid. This will help the child understand that their parents aren’t leaving and are still around.

Give something your to your child:

You can give your child something that you frequently use in your kid’s presence and give it to them when they go to daycare. A scarf or hankie that has your fragrance in it can support the kid emotionally really well.
Having something with them that belongs to their parents can make kids emotionally healthy as they feel that you are around them.

Always see off your kids with Positive energy:

Saying goodbye in the right way can make a huge difference. Many parents ignore this point and don’t realize how such moments make a strong connection between parents and children that last long their entire life.

Instead of sneaking out with saying goodbye, always see off your kids with hugs and peck on the cheek. You can say something like “See you soon, son/daughter” or tell something that you’re going to do together when they come back home.

Don’t change the routine much:

Many kids take time to adopt a new routine. Once they accept going to daycare every day, make sure they don’t skip it without any specific reason. Going to preschool or daycare after coming back from a long vacation can be anxious for the kid. Make sure that the kid follows the routine without changing it often.

Play Mind Games:

A great way of making your kid feel comfortable going to daycare is by playing mind games. You can assign tasks to your kids that they have to do in the daycare; for example, you can give them the task of learning a new poem or reading a new book.

Think of something that they like to do or eat and give it to them as rewards. You can promise to go to the park or go to a playgroup when they come back from the daycare. Make sure to keep the promise otherwise, and you’ll start facing trust issues.

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