How we strive to keep kids healthy during cold and flu season

Children catch the flu very quickly whenever the flu season strikes, and its reason is that the immune systems are not strong enough yet.
Children play in close groups and still don’t know everything about HygieneHygiene. And since children don’t have much awareness about spreading the flu, they are usually the ones most to accuse of circulating the virus.

Looking to keep your kids healthy during cold and flu season:

Teach your kids Hand Hygiene:

Hand washing is a proven method for getting rid of germs, but it’s essential to do it continuously and adequately 4 to 5 times a day. Teach your children how to properly wash hands using liquid or regular soap, instead of flicking fingers under the running water.
Make it their habit to wash hands before and after having a meal, after using the restroom, and after coming home from anywhere.

It’s also important to teach kids the importance of drying hands using clean towels and sanitizing the hands after sneezing and coughing.

Serve you kids a well-balanced Diet:

In order to keep your children safe from all sorts of diseases and viruses, your little one must have a strong immune system. A Strong immune system fights the germs and keeps us healthy. Serve your children a well-balanced diet, containing fruits and vegetables.
Try to serve food with a significant percentage of vitamin C and vitamin D, and ignore food items, including excessive oil and sugar.

Encourage flu shot:

One of the best ways to keep your kids safe from viruses and diseases is by immunizing your child against influenza. Experts say that it works 90% effective in healthy kids, and in most parts of the world, this vaccine is available for free.

Teaching Cough and Cold Hygiene to the kids:

It’s essential to teach young children the manners of sneezing and coughing, whether they are in private and public. Use the sleeves to cover while sneezing, ignore using your hand or first, and make sure to wash hands and sanitize them.
The reason for not covering from hands or fist is they can transfer disease the next time you touch something.

Encourage them to have Good Sleep:

A healthy immune system depends highly on the sleeping routines, depending on the age, children need 9 to 14 hours of sleep a day, according to child specialists. Not getting enough sleep makes the immune system weak, increasing the risk of getting sick.

Indoors or outdoors Games:

Living an active and healthy lifestyle makes the immune system very strong. Allow your kids to play outdoor and indoor games, but also make sure they don’t forget to wash their hands and teach other friends about washing hands as well. Many studies show that children that live an active life don’t suffer from flu and cold that often.

Live a healthy life:

Teach your kids how to live a healthy life by having enough sleep, a balanced diet, and staying active. Make it a habit of Washing hands after every meal, using the washroom, and doing any activity outside of the home.
And if you or your kids are under the weather, make sure to stay in the house and ignore going public places until you start feeling better.

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