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When to keep your child home from daycare

It’s not easy to recognize that when your child is too sick to go to the daycare. Parents all around the world go through this, especially when the child is too young since most of the parents don’t belong to a medical profession, it’s hard to tell whether it was just a normal sneeze or an indication of flu. 

If the kid is already suffering from the flu, then it’s a simple decision that e/she doesn’t need to go the daycare, but what if the kid isn’t sick right now, but behaving a bit odd. 

What are the symptoms that clearly show that your child should skip the daycare? Read below as we’ve collected some obvious points that you should notice:


A few coughs in a day are not a thing to worry about, but if you see your child coughing persistingly, it’s a clear indication that he/she should not go to the daycare.

Continuous Coughing is a pretty clear sign that the child may get more illness if not treated right away.

Continuously Crying:

Crying is the hardest this thing to judge about kids, and it’s even harder when the kid is very young. How can you tell whether is the kid is not feeling well or he/she is just feeling anxious. The best thing you can do in this scenario is to try your best to make the kids stop crying by doing different things; however, if the kid does not stop, you should consider taking the day off from daycare. Even if the kid is physically well, he/she won’t be able to participate in any activity in the daycare. So the best move here is to take the day off take the kid to examine if the crying still doesn’t stop.


If the child has a fever above 100.4° Fahrenheit, it’s clear that the kid has some infection and should not go to the daycare. Kid Going with fever to preschools or daycare isn’t only harmful to them, but it’s also dangerous for other kids because the infection can spread very quickly in the young children. It’s not morally right to send a kid who is suffering from fever among other children.

And even when the temperature is back to normal, it is recommended to keep the kid still at home as the germs might not have vanished completely.


Vomiting or suffering from diarrhea is pretty easy to understand that the child is not well a definitely shouldn’t be sent to preschool or daycare. It will be unpleasant for the kid, but vomiting and diarrhea can also infect other little kids as well.

It is also highly possible that you might get a call to take your child back home because such devices can be hard to handle if the daycare cannot handle the kid or be simply worried about other kids.

Headache or Tummy ache:

It’s hard for young kids to describe what type of pin hey are feeling, so its parent’s responsibility is to do their best to find the area in pain. Once you diagnose that the child has a headache or tummy ache, it’s obvious that the kid will not be going to the daycare. Headache can be because of not enough sleep, a primary symptom of flu, and a tummy ache that indicates some pretty serious infections and diseases.