10 fun ways to keep kids busy without screen time

Smartphones and tablets have become such an essential part of our daily lives that even our kids use them when we don’t find any other to keep them busy. Handing them gadgets seems the easiest way out whenever we need some time for ourselves, and even though it doesn’t seem like the right move, it has horrible effects on the child’s health in the long run.

How can you keep the kids busy using TV, video games, or iPad as your way out?
Read below as we have discussed 10 activities kids can do to keep them busy:

Play old and simple games:

Exciting puzzles, coloring books, and cards are simple yet helpful games, especially for young children. These games help develop the kid’s brain, allowing him/her to be creative and train for decision making.
The kid might don’t show much interest initially, but once you stop providing them with phones and tablets, they’ll slowly start liking these games.

Allow them to help you:

While doing something at home, Instead of sneaking away from them, invite them to help you. Children take great interest in what adults do, so if you allow them to join you, they’ll feel more loved, happy, and responsible. For example, if you are cleaning the room, you can ask the little one to collect all his/her toys and put them in a box, or if you are doing something in the garage, assign them a little task that will keep them busy and away from the gadget screen.

Play Treasure Hunt Games:

There is nothing better than engaging them in a game, which makes them use their body and brain simultaneously. Hide a coin or toy and ask them to find it. Make the game more interesting by giving them clues that help them find the toy.

Dancing and Singing:

You never know what hidden talent your kids have until you allow them to explore it. Playing Dancing and singing games will boost his/her confidence and help explore different artistic skills. Its a form of exercise, and it’s fun.

Simple Exercises:

Exercise is an enjoyable and healthy way of passing the time, not only for adults but also for kids. Kids get really excited and curious when they see adults doing their workout. You can teach your children simple stretching or basics of exercises in their free time. It will not help pass the time, but it will also teach them self-discipline and importance.

Read Interesting Books:

Books are the greatest companies, but we often limit them for the only bedtime when it comes to kids. You can go to the bookstore and let the kids choose books which they find interesting.
Read those books to pass the time more interestingly and educationally.

Arts and Crafts:

Let the kids explore their inner artists by allowing them to play with slime or playdough. You can search on the internet to find fun and easy things that kids can create on their own. It is recommended to keep an eye on the younger kids when they play with slime. It can be dangerous if they mistakenly swallow it.

Play outdoor games:

Outdoor games are one of the best options when it comes to spending free time healthily. Give your child a ball and a bat and let them play whatever they want. Keep them insightful to make sure they don’t break anything or hurt themselves.

Do Gardening:

Take your kids in the garden and teach them how to water plants and how to take care of them. Teach them the importance of trees and plants and allow them to get dirty in the mud.

Go to the park:

Go to a nearby park where the kids can run around and enjoy the simple rides. Gardens are one of the best places where kids can meet other kids and make new friends. Going out also boosts kids’ confidence and teaches them how to interact in public areas.

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